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We aim to be the premier dental office in the Irving & Las Colinas area. Let us be your partner in maintaining a healthy & radiant smile. We’ll start with taking a minimum number of xrays to ensure everything is healthy. We’ll check for signs of oral cancer and complete a full exam. We’ll make sure there aren’t any cavities, and that your gum and bone health looks good before getting your teeth cleaned and polished!



We’ll remove the buildup (Tarter & Calculus) off of your teeth that causes problems like gingivitis and bad breath. During the cleaning we also remove all of the stains that accumulate and polish the teeth to make them bright and white!


Best Age to start seeing a dentist

Everyone should be getting an exam at least twice a year, even infants! It’s important to monitor tooth development and ensure infants and kids are on track with their growth. Issues with tooth development can be an early indicator to more serious problems that can be caught early with something as simple as a dental exam


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