Dentures help our patients get their smiles back on track. They can replace anywhere from a few teeth to all of them. Here at Refined Dentistry we’re proud to offer our Irving and Las Colinas patients this option to help restore their confidence, smile, and ability to eat!


Partial Dentures

Partial dentures help fill in the spaces when you have a couple missing teeth. They snap into place around your existing teeth and give you back your ability to chew. Partial dentures can be made with a metal base to add durability and strength. They can also be all acrylic or flexible for patients who want the most esthetic option.


Complete Denture

When all of the teeth are missing, complete dentures are the go-to option. Complete dentures can function to give you back your smile and help you eat food a little easier. The shape, color, size, and fit are customized to you. They can also be designed to be held in by implants. These implant dentures can be permanently fixed in place, or removable by the patient. Come see us and find out why the Las Colinas community trusts us with their dental care.


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