Deep Cleanings

Calculus and tarter can build up underneath the gums. This buildup causes gingivitis. As the inflammation spreads and reaches the bone around the teeth, it begins to erode the bone away, a condition known as periodontitis. If the condition isn’t fixed, it leads to the teeth becoming more and more loose until they eventually fall out.

The great news is that this process can be stopped with a deep cleaning! We’ll numb the gums to make the process comfortable, and use our ultrasonic instruments to remove the buildup on and under the gums. We’ll take before and after xrays to make sure all of the buildup was removed, and we’ll take full pocket depth chartings to make sure we see continual improvement in your health.


Can I do the whole mouth at once?

While it’s possible to take care of the entire mouth in one session it’s not advisable. The deep cleaning takes anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour per quadrant, sitting in a dental chair for over 2 hours can be extremely taxing. We also numb the portions we’re cleaning to make the visit comfortable. Having the entire mouth numb after the appointment makes eating and drinking extremely difficult. We strongly recommend completing 2 quadrants per visit, but will always accommodate our patients with their schedules and preferences.

Routine Cleanings

Can I get a routine cleaning instead?

A routine cleaning will remove the buildup that’s on top of the gums. To remove the buildup under the gums that causes the bone to erode away you have to do a deep cleaning. Doing a routine cleaning instead of a deep cleaning would be the equivalent of repainting a car to make it look new without doing any work under the hood.


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